APPA Choir

Welcome to the APPA Choir page! 

There are a few songs that are sung in unison and you can sing along and learn the words so we are prepared for our concert.

L.O.V.E. Here is the link! L.O.V.E

You’re Welcome

Can’t Stop the Feeling

The hardest one to learn is the sign language to the National Anthem. Here is the link! Chocolate fish for the first child who has it perfected!

National Anthem Sign Language

Seasons of Love


Dates to remember and be prepared for:

  1. Wednesday 5th July – Rehearsal at Takapuna Primary School. We will be leaving school at 9.30am and returning at 1pm.

We require parent helpers to transport the children to and from this rehearsal. If you can help please e mail Eugenie Middleton :

2. Wednesday 23rd August – Rehearsal at Milford School from 10am until 1pm.

3. Wednesday 6th September – Combined rehearsal at Milford School from 9.45 until 2pm.

4. Wednesday 25th October – Combined rehearsal at Saint Michaels School from 9.45am until 2pm. We will be taking the bus to and from this rehearsal.

5. Tuesday 7th November – Dress rehearsal at Auckland Town Hall. Leaving school at 8.45 and arriving back at school at 1.30pm.

6. Wednesday 8th November – CONCERT at AUCKLAND TOWN HALL. 7pm concert. Children will need to be there earlier – times to be confirmed.