The Badminton North Harbour Primary School Challenge will be held approximately the end of May (Term 2 Week 4). Teams will be formed in Term 1 after a trial if there are many interested students; only 2 teams can be entered due to court availability, with a third occasionally being an option. Teams can be mixed; boys & girls, Year 5 & 6. Minimum 4 players; maximum 6 players per team. Students train during lunchtime at school in the Hall prior to going to the competition.


Cost: approximately $11.00 (to be paid on Kindo or directly to the office). This will be confirmed with selected players.

Where: X-TRM North Harbour Badminton Centre, Bond Crescent, Forrest Hill

When: Approximately Week 4 of Term 2 2017 (May)

Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm (departing school 9.05am – arriving back at school 2.40pm)

Format: Each tie consists of 4 singles and 2 doubles matches (6 matches in total). Each match is played based on time, the winning person/pair shall be the one/s with the highest score when time is stopped. The team that wins the most matches wins the tie based on the BWF scoring system for round robin play.

Prizes: Certificates will be issued for all players. All members of the winning team from each section will receive individual medals. The winning team from section 1 will also receive the team trophy to keep for the year.

Umpires: All matches must be umpired. All players are expected to umpire during the day, so some knowledge of the rules is expected. The scoring system is rally point. The player who wins the rally scores a point, regardless of who served. I have enclosed a copy of our simplified rules for you reference.

Notes: All players are asked to bring their lunch and water bottles. Players’ shoes must be non-marking, bare feet is acceptable. Rackets can be supplied to players if required. Shuttles (plastic) will be supplied by Badminton North Harbour. Please have at least one adult per team to help organise the team on the day & assist with umpiring (not do it for them). Fair play and sportsmanship is expected from all schools: players, teachers & parents.

This event is played in two sections: section 1 has 7 teams and section two has 8 teams.  This means that section 1 will have a bye each round; there is likely to be an extra court available each round for the team that has the bye so that they can train. Each tie is scheduled to time so we can keep to an organised schedule to enable all players to get back to school before 3pm.

This competition relies on parents to volunteer their time on the day to drive students to and from the event. Parents need to be able to fit 4 students in their car with full seatbelts. You will be required to stay with an allocated team for the day but will not be required to umpire any games. The role of each parent is to keep an eye on the players in the team throughout the day.


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On Thursday May 25th, 3 Milford School teams competed in the Harbour Badminton Primary Competition. All three teams played well and had great results. Congratulations to Charlie Henderson, Oliver Dunphy, Kevin Vinish, and Kevin Jung, who placed 4th overall in the competition. Congratulations to Marcus Nair, Ariel Yu, Jennifer Wang, and Oscar Rae, who placed 5th overall in the competition. Congratulations to Zachary Oulsnam, Maxem Noll, Onree Viljoen, and Emily Tan, who won their grade. Thank you very much to the parents who provided transport and supervision on the day; the competition would not have been possible without your help.


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