Cricket Blitz is an after school cricket competition that is held during Term 1 & 4 and is aimed at the social to semi competitive cricketer. In Blitz the rules of traditional cricket have been changed to focus on equal participation. All 8 kids in a team will bowl and bat for the same amount of time. The team plays on Thursdays from 4:00-5:30pm. Competitions will run 4-6 weeks, though the total number of weeks is dependent on the number of entries in the region.

Term 1 2017 Year 5 & Year 6 mixed team- coached by Tim Rainey and managed by Sianne Rainey

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Comments from the players:

Alex Rainey:  It’s been exciting to learn about cricket, meet new people and have fun.

Onree Viljoen:  It’s fun.  I gave up club cricket to concentrate on football so I play cricket for fun now.  It’s nice to just come and have fun.  

Kevin Vinish:  It’s great fun and I’ve learned lots of skills.  It’s been good to meet new people.  

Jason Beom:  (absent this day – A long standing player of cricket blitz – he enjoys coming to practice and the games)

Oliver Frost:  The Coach is a good teacher!

Soochan Lee:  It’s been good to learn about cricket.  

Hong Wu (Amy):  I have enjoyed it!

Patrick Webber:  It’s fun for a school sport.  It’s been good to meet new people.  I like helping other people play cricket.  I love smashing 6s!!

Johnson Hua – substitute player for us this term:  I have enjoyed learning the game of cricket.  

23rd March 2017 pics from Cricket Blitz- Photos courtesy of David Rowland. Please click on the images to see a larger view.