Milford School has an important commitment to the use of Information and Communication Technology in education. We allocate resources so that the best equipment is available. The technology is used in two ways – as a teaching tool to enhance children’s learning and as a planning and assessment tool for teachers.
As teaching tool children have access to both classroom computers and a computer suite with 15 computers. This allows the allocation of 1 computer to 2 children. The focus is on integrating what is learnt in the classroom with the technology. Students will learn a variety of valuable skills right from their first week of school as well as using the technology to aid their learning in the curriculum areas.
Teachers have a commitment to the professional development in ICT. They undergo professional development in the use of software and internet resources that are used as part of classroom programmes and in general computing skills.
At Milford School teachers are expected to keep their assessment records of children’s learning on computer. We are currently moving to a system where all classroom planning and evaluation will be computerised.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Milford School welcomes families from other nations who are new immigrants to New Zealand. These children are assisted with English and cultural aspects as they settle into the Milford School community. These children join the programmes offered within Milford School’s International Students Programme which include:
small group English withdrawal classes
individual learning programme where required
in class support
safe and friendly environment
cultural support


At Milford School children are assessed as individuals and if specific needs are identified then we may offer:
• Small group withdrawals for extra help in literacy and in numeracy
• Individual tuition for a limited number of children in Reading Recovery
• Outside agency help if needed in class support for children
Milford offers an accepting and positive environment where children are challenged to do their best to learn at their own rate.


The world renowned Reading Recovery programme is offered at Milford School by trained and experienced Reading Recovery teachers. The children identified are participants in a 20 week programme of daily, 30 minute, one to one lessons in reading, written language and phonological awareness. Close contact with parents is an essential part of the success of this programme and parents are encouraged to observe a lesson and to be responsible for supporting the programme at home. The programme has an excellent rate of success.


Milford School has a wide range of activities to keep children motivated :

CHOIR – Children with a talent and an enthusiasm train and perform in the school choir.

Kids for Kids Choir – combined schools annual music festival performance at the Bruce Mason Theatre is a highlight of the year.

Milford also has two annual Christmas Festivals of Song, Year 1,2 and 3 combined and Year4, 5 and 6 combined. Various cultural groups perform songs in their native language.

Milford’s Got Talent – this is an opportunity for talented students to compete in various categories to become Milford’s next big talent. Performers often present their skills at weekly assemblies during the Milford Talent Spot. Categories such as singing, dancing, instrumental and variety are encouraged. Both individuals and groups can peform.

MILFORD IDOL – Talented children are encouraged to participate as a duet or as an individual in this contest which lasts a term.

PERFORMING ARTS – Children with specific talents are given the opportunity to perform at galas, sharing assemblies and every two years in the School Production.

MATHEMATICS YEAR 6 – Selected children with a high ability in mathematics are withdrawn each week to work together in a variety of activities which heighten understanding and extend mathematical knowledge.

SPORT – Opportunity is available for talented children to take part in school teams. These teams receive training and enter interschool competitions. This year we have fielded teams in Netball, Hockey, Touch Rugby, Miniball, Cricket, Swimming.

For more information on sport at Milford School – see Information: Sports

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION– Milford School have just begun their journey towards becoming a waste-wise school. We will endeavour to clean up the school and become as close to zero-waste as possible. The journey will be a long one as it is more about re-education to start with. We are focussing on recycling as our first step. In each class we are recycling paper and cardboard as well as feeding our worm-farms and compost heaps with all left over organic waste. We are looking towards finding more sustainable initiatives over the coming terms to help us become a greener and more environmental school.





GATE WRITING GROUPS – Three writing extension groups will operate in Term 1 2012. Identified children will work with teachers to develop their writing skills. Group 1 Y 1 and 2 – Group 2 Year 3 and 4 and Group 3 Year 5 and 6 students.

International Competitions and Assessment for Schools  ICAS

Any child may enter any of the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools each year. These competitions are for Year 4,5 and 6 students in Computer skills, Science, Spelling, Writing, English and Mathematics. It is advised that children wishing to enter are able readers as the competitions involve quite wordy multiple choice questions. Children are invited to enter these in March each year and the competition dates are published throughout the year. All competitions are sat at school.Special Events: each Year a selected number of gifted and talented students are chosen to represent Milford School at various specialist events  eg Science Expo, and the Book Council – specialist writing group taken by talented authors.


Waterwise is an important part of Milford School. This is a practical programme for Year 5/6, teaching children water confidence and water safety. Children are taught how to sail and kayak at the Waterwise facility at our school on Lake Pupuke. Other schools in the area share this facility. This programme relies on a strong core of parent helpers who are rostered to help classes every Monday afternoon (weather permitting) during Terms 1,2 and 4. Full training is given to any parents interested in becoming instructors within this programme.

Waterwise Sponsorship– Did you know that 1300 children a year take part in Pupuke Schools’ Waterwise programme?

We rely on business sponsorship and grants to help maintain our kayaks and Optimists. This enables us to maintain all our Waterwise craft and equipment to a high standard and have a replacement plan for all our craft as they wear out.

Are you able to help us by sponsoring an Optimist? Signage is put on the hulls and/or sails of the yachts.

A sponsorship pack is available through a link on our website, from Lorraine Fisher in Room 3 or email


Our 25 metre outdoor heated swimming pool was opened on 8 December 2000. This valuable asset is used from October to April by Milford School, local secondary schools water polo teams, a professional swim school for teaching swimming and the local community for recreation.


Music at Milford School


We are very fortunate at Milford that we have various teachers who come into school and give private piano, violin, guitar and flute lessons throughout the year. Parents have to pay for this individual tuition and if you are interested in this, then information is available at the office.

Eugenie Middleton


Waiata Group has been a part of Milford School for over 12 years. It is a great opportunity for our students to learn about Maori Culture. Our group gathers together once a week for half an hour to learn and practise Waiata (songs) and Te Reo Maori (language). Traditional greeting and action songs are taught, as well as tītī tōrea (stick games) and waiata poi. Currently we have more than 50 Year 4, 5 and 6 children from many different cultures, who are participating in the Waiata group. In previous years we have performed at the Onepoto Cultural Festival, as well as sharing with our community at the Lady Allum Rest Home, Milford Kindergarten and Milford Mall. We take pride in leading our year 6 students into their final graduating assembly and performing for our peers, parents and community at sharing assemblies and the Christmas Festival of Song. We enjoy singing and learning new songs and we have a great time playing tītī tōrea and swinging our poi. It is interesting when we learn the translations for the songs we are singing. We also learn where and why these songs are sung. Waiata Group like to work together as a whanau (extended family) supporting and helping each other and challenging ourselves to become stronger together.


At Milford School we believe strongly in the creative pursuits of Dance and Drama. Within the classroom we provide programmes for the children to learn the elements, techniques and conventions of Dance and Drama. Opportunities are provided for the performance of Dance and Drama within the classroom and in the wider school environment. In learning these elements, techniques and conventions, the children are enabled to :
confidently perform Dance and Drama
articulate their thoughts
creatively express ideas
deepen understanding of their emotional responses to life
Every second year Milford School produces a School Production. Recent productions include :