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NZ Healthiest Schools Challenge – See the video of their visit to Milford School here.

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Term 4 Board of Trustees Update – The Board have collated the uniform survey results and have made decisions on this. You can read this here.

Term 4 Principal’s letter – Read the first day of term newsletter here.

School Productions – Both productions, Junior and Senior, are in week 9 of this term. You can order (and pay for) your tickets from Monday 3 September. A link to the order form is here.

August 2018 – Board of Trustees Newsletter

The Board have sent out a mid-year update to all families in our school. You can access a copy here.

Students Quiz-a-thon – The students will have questions and answers to learn over a four-week period, 29 June till 27 July. Over this time, we encourage the students to get sponsors to pay money for each correct answer they get. On 27 July, they will be tested at school, on a random selection of the questions (so not all of them). They then collect the sponsored money and bring into school. Here are the year group questions and answers:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Quiz Sponsor Sheet

Three Way Conferences July 2018 – Please see the letter outlining the date and times, along with the booking code here.

Possible Uniform Change – I have received quite a lot of feedback about our uniform tops, both on the quality of the fabric and how dirty they look. Many have commented how the fabric, both collar and main part, pills and ‘catches’. There are also many comments that the yellow colour is hard to clean and most of the tops look dirty even when freshly washed. In investigating these issues, we are looking at changing to a new fabric supplier and also changing the yellow colour to one that will minimise any dirt. Also, we know that many schools on the shore have the same colours as us which makes sports events, in particular, confusing. After checking the colours of other schools’ tops, we have come up with two alternatives. Both are a shade of green (to tie in with being an EnviroSchool) and we will retain the navy colour on them too, as our shorts, skorts and trousers will not change colour.  Both these colours, with two different style options, are on display in the school office. We would love your feedback, so please pop in and fill in the form stating your preference A, B, C, or D or no change. The new supplier is cheaper and has a retail store as well as online options. We are also looking at an optional rain jacket with a fluro strip for visibility. Any change in uniform will be phased in over a 2-year period starting next year.

Community of Learning Musical Gala – The schools across the Pupuke community are joining together for a special musical celebration to be held on Tuesday 19th June at 6.30pm. All are invited to this free event. See here for more details.

Community of LearningHere is an update on what has been happening to date.

May 2018 – Chess Team – Our amazing Chess Team have taken the title of champions at this year’s Chess Power tournament held this month. A Milford student, Bob Zhang, topped the leaderboard, with 12 of the top 14 placings being our students. A well deserved top-school ranking.

April 2018 – SchoolGen Video – Some of our students have been part of a video made for Genesis Energy as we have one of the largest solar arrays on our roof. Click here to view this 30-second video.