Physical Education

At Milford School we are very fortunate to have a P.E. specialist teacher, Mrs Louise Lavulo. Louise takes each class for a 45 minute lesson every week, where students experience a wide variety of sport-related skills and further development of their fundamental movement skills during the P.E. lessons. Some examples of the skills are:

– Fostering teamwork, communication, and resilience.

– Throwing, catching, striking, and fielding.

– Dribbling, passing, defending and shooting.

– Passing, attacking, defending, and use of space for court & field games.

– Hand/eye & foot/eye coordination, reaction time, & fitness

– Running, jumping and throwing for Athletics.

– Rotation, balance, spring, strength, flexibility for Gymnastics & Yoga.

– Mindful ways of managing our bodies and minds (Hauora)

Perceptual Motor Programming (PMP) for New Entrant/Year One students

We are very lucky at Milford School to have the use of iPads, an iPad mount, and a tripod to use at times for self-assessment and reflection, replays of skills, , timing, etc. We were able to capture Shawn’s Javelin technique, where this clearly demonstrates the stages of aiming, effective angle of release, and follow through. Another example is Ryan’s scissor jump for High Jump. Using this technology, enables students to take more ownership of their learning and make instant improvements.