Our People – 2018

Senior Leadership  
Principal Sue Cattell
Deputy Principal Linda Vane
Associate Principal Sara Baker
Year 6 Bev Boyd Room 1
Sophie Schischka Room 2
 Grant Arendse Room 3
Year 5 Michelle Clark Room 7
Grace Osborne Room 6
Scott Polkinghorne Room 5
Year 4 Charlotte Barrance Room 10
John Cormack Room 11
Beverley Smith Room 9
Cara Gilmore Room 8
Year 3 Nirelle Armstrong Room 21
Loren Morris Room 20
Ruth Lin Room 19
Year 2 Paula Snowball The Hive
Jillian Sommers The Hive
Melanie Dixon Room 12
Year 1 Tracy Perry Room 16
Clarinda Lau Room 15
Ellen Von Collas Room 14
Danelle Patching Room 13
Libby Brereton Room 17
Vivienne Hammond Room 18
Jessica Vader Room 4
Eugenie Middleton Head of Music
Louise Lavulo Head of PE / Sports Co-ordinator
Gordana Stanojevic Head of ESOL / Director International Students
Carolyn Brown Reading Specialist
Bronwyn Morris Release Teacher
Jenny Gutry Office
Nicky Morrison Office
Colleen Polkinghorne Executive Officer
Susan Jury Librarian
Sue Harper Head of IT
Tracye Eriksen ESOL Assistant/Resources Manager
Yiha Kim ESOL Assistant
Ellie Cai ESOL Assistant
Sharon Sherlock  Learning Assistant
 Emma Porter  Learning Assistant
Sue Tanner Learning Assistant
Paul Jury Caretaker