Physical Education

At Milford School we are very fortunate to have a P.E. specialist teacher, Mrs Louise Lavulo. Louise takes each class for a 45 minute lesson every week, where students experience a wide variety of sport-related skills and further development of their fundamental movement skills during the P.E. lessons. For further information, please view the P.E. page.


Our sports coordinator is Mrs Louise Lavulo. Louise is in charge of all sports, though relies on parents and caregivers to coach and manage the many teams. If you have any sports related questions, please email Louise on


There is a schools tournament midway through Term 2 for Year 5 & 6 students. Dependent on time and coaching availability, there is also a school badminton club which runs during lunchtime in the Milford School hall.


Our school basketball teams play at two venues, Junior Breakers in Mairangi Bay and Norths Shore Events Centre (NSEC), though some games are held at AUT.  For further information, please see the Basketball sub-page

Link to the Junior Breakers draw: Junior Breakers draw 

Link to the NSEC draw: Harbour Basketball draw


Mrs Beverley Smith runs a lunchtime Chess club in Room 4 on Wednesdays for Year 4-6 students. There is a Cluster tournament in Term 1 and a Regional Tournament in Term 2. For further information, please see the Chess sub-page


Cricket Blitz is held on Thursdays after school for Year 5 & 6 students during Term 1 & 4. For further information, please see the Cricket sub-page

Flippa Ball/Waterpolo

Flippa Ball is a child friendly version of waterpolo (it has minor rule adjustments). Boys and girls play in composite teams. Games are played on a Sunday at the Millennium Institute of Sports, Mairangi Bay. For further information, please see the Flippa Ball sub-page.

Link to the draw: Flippa Ball & Newbies draw


Soccer for boys and girls is provided for by independent clubs such as Takapuna AFC, Taharoto Drive or Forrest Hill AFC, Tristram Ave. Dependent on time and coaching availability, there is a tournament for schools to enter in Term 4.


There are tournaments for schools each year in Term 2 for Year 4-6 students; these tournaments are aimed at players with previous experience.


There is a Gymnastics competition held in Term 4 at North Harbour Gymnastics in Glenfield. In the past we have selected  Year 5 & 6 boys and girls that have been formed into teams to compete against other schools from the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast in a competition during school time. Local Gymnastics clubs are North Harbour Gymnastics, Silverfield Road, Glenfield and YMCA, Akoranga Drive, Northcote.


Primary Hockey is played on a Monday and is available to Year 3-6 students.  Games are played at the Crown Relocations Hockey Stadium in Albany; the competition is run over Terms 2 and 3. For further information, please view the Hockey sub-page

Junior Tough Guy & Gal Challenge

The Junior Tough Guy & Gal Challenge is known to the Milford School students as the Mud Run due to that literally being what it’s about. It is held at Woodhill Sands Equestrian Centre in Woodhill in Term 2 during school time. For further information, please view the Mud Run sub-page.

Netball   Netball is available for Year 1-6 students. Please contact Mrs Linda Vane for further information.

  • Years 1 – 3 play on Monday afternoons at AMI Netball Courts, Onewa Domain.
  • Year 4  play on a Monday at AMI Stadium and/or a Saturday at Westlake Girls High School.
  • Year 5 and 6 play on a Wednesday afternoon at the AMI Netball Courts, Onewa Domain and/or a Saturday at Westlake Girls High School.

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Rippa Rugby is non-contact hybrid of rugby which promotes ball-handling and running skills, there is also the opportunity to enter a Tackle Rugby team if there are sufficient numbers and coaches available. This sport is for boys and girls and the tournament days are held at Takapuna RFC. There are 3-4 tournaments for schools each year across Term 2 & 3. For further information, please see the Rippa & Rugby sub-page.


Our 25 metre outdoor heated swimming pool was opened on 8 December 2000. This valuable asset is used all year round by Milford School, local secondary schools, water polo teams, a professional swim school for teaching swimming, and the local community for recreation.

Please see the Swimming sub-page for further information about class swimming, Pupuke Cluster swimming, and the North Shore Swim Champs.

Touch Rugby

Touch is a minimal-contact version of rugby which promotes ball-handling, passing and running skills. Boys and girls play in composite teams at times. The games are held after school on Thursdays at Becroft Park in Forrest Hill during Term 4 for Year 1-6 students.

Pupuke Sports Cluster

Milford School, along with Forrest Hill School, St Joseph’s School and Takapuna Primary School, make up the Pupuke Sports Cluster, where selected Year 4 – 6 students from these schools compete against each other. Cluster Swimming is held in Term 1, Cluster Cross Country is usually held in Term 3, and Cluster Athletics is held in Term 4.


Some other sports that Milford School have taken part in over the past few years have been: Rhythmic Gymnastics, Skiing, Shore to Shore, and Table Tennis.

If there is a sport you as a parent can provide expertise in please don’t hesitate to contact the Milford School Sports Coordinator, Louise Lavulo