Table Tennis

Table Tennis is offered to Year 5 & 6 students during Term 2-4. It is played after school on Wednesdays between 5-7pm at the North Harbour Table Tennis club, which is located behind the YMCA on Akoranga Drive in Northcote. Supervision is provided at the venue for the duration of their games.

There is an interschool Table Tennis tournament in Term 4 each year. Please see below for photos of the 2017 competition.

Sharon Sherlock is the contact for Table Tennis 

2017 TABLE TENNIS RESULTS: On Thursday 23rd November I was lucky enough to take three Table Tennis teams to the North Harbour Zone Day. Seven rounds were played, then quarter and Semi finals. One of our teams progressed to the final and had a tough battle against Target Road School but in the end were victorious and won Gold. Congratulation to  Patrick Webber, Marcus Nair and Benji Bryce. Well done boys!!  Our other teams played well and had some stiff opposition and should be very proud of  placing 12th and 20th. I was impressed at how well all the students represented Milford School and was extremely proud of them all. – Mrs Sherlock

We went to the Table Tennis Zone Day, Our team won! We got to the finals and it was 2-1 to our team. – Benji Room 7

It was really fun, our team got the gold medal. We lost some of the individual matches but we won all of our games. – Patrick Room 7

We came in last place but we tried really hard and had lots of fun – Chloe Room 7

I enjoyed the table tennis day because I won one round and I was really proud of myself. – Ruby R7

We played about 7 games each and there were 22 teams taking part. I had a lot of fun – Saffron R7

2017 Table Tennis teamsWinning boy's team

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